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Sailing & Boating programs for ages 5 and up...

    KIDS ON BOATS will be using a variety of different sailboats for the summer program.  Our basic training vessel for the younger kids will be the JY Opti Trainer and Laser.  For the advanced classes and older kids, the JY15 and Laser. Incorporated into all programs will be the use of the ‘big’ boat, the Tanzer 22’.

     SAILING—on Opti trainers, Lasers, Snarks, JY15s and Tanzers. Instruction includes helmsmanship, sail trim, capsize drills, weather and boat safety, proper care of equipment.

      ROWING/CANOEING/KAYAKING —for basic boat skill, balance and coordination.

     THEORY is introduced through practical learning, and progress is individual rather that by groups.  The ‘on the water’ teaching uses innovative and fun techniques, such as slalom sailboat courses and a little racing, kept as fun.  The kids are taught how to beach their boats and sail off again, how to read a simple chart and identify winds and weather.  Activities off the water during the mid day heat include knotwork, nautical challenges, our boating environment, and fun developed by the special dynamics of each group.


If the weather promises storms, we have special programs in the sheltered classroom, fun learning with a nautical theme.  On occasion, students will be on board a ‘big boat’, our 30’ vessel—introducing our new sailors to the experience and pleasure of sailing the Chesapeake Bay.


We are safety and sun conscious—hats, PFDs, tshirts, and sunscreen are checked regularly.  Each student receives a FREE Kids On Boats water bottle the first day, and fresh water is available at all times.


Our class size is kept small, with a ratio of 1 staff to 3-4 students, and a maximum of sixteen participants each week.  Advanced sail training and skills are provided for the more skilled student.


Kids on Boats has carefully chosen these boats with safety, ease of use and your kids in mind.


Don’t forget that boat rentals are available for the entire family at Chesapeake Sailing School.  It’s a great way to get the entire family and friends out for the day to sharpen up their boating skills and enjoy  Annapolis.


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